When Workers Compensation is Used

workers compensationWhen someone gets injured on the job, one of the first options that person has is to file for workers compensation. Generally speaking, workers compensation is money paid to an employee injured in the course of his or her duties in exchange for giving up the right to sue the employer for negligence. That’s the short version of it, at least.

Getting Workers Compensation

In Illinois when a worker is hurt on the job, he or she has to file for workers compensation. If the compensation is granted then workers will receive funds to cover medical bills as well as lost wages, and to help them get back on their feet and working again. In this way workers compensation acts a lot like insurance, except that it is paid for by the employer rather than the employee.

Why an Employee Would Not Get Workers’ Compensation

There are times when an employer might attempt to block an employee getting compensation, or when an employee would rather sue the employer for negligence rather than taking compensation. In the case of the former, an employee who is injured because of his own fault, or while he was violating safety precautions clearly laid out by the employer, may not be eligible for compensation. In the case of the latter the employee might feel that he deserves more than compensation will provide, or he wants to make a point and show what employer negligence can really cost a company in terms of real dollars.

In either of these cases, it’s important for an injured employee to contact a Chicago¬†workers compensation attorney¬†to see what the options are in his or her particular case. Since every accident is different, and the circumstances are unique, one can never have too much legal aid or experience on their side for workers compensation.