Traumatic Events need therapy to move on

distressedTraumatic events take their tolls on people in many different ways. Some people may even seem to cope with trauma unaided. The truth though, is either they are compensating and not really dealing with the trauma, or they are seeking help but have elected not to keep that help a secret. After a traumatic event, it is important to understand that it is not wrong or unreasonable to seek out counseling. In fact, not getting help may cause more damage than the trauma itself.

It is important to remember that trauma means different things to different people. What is traumatic to one person, might not be for someone else and someone does not necessarily need to experience physical harm to be traumatized. Any situation that makes a person feel alone and overwhelmed can be traumatic. If you begin to have these feelings, you should seek help immediately.

Without help, many people may begin to compensate on their own. This could include overindulgence in drugs or alcohol, becoming withdrawn, fatigue, insomnia, nightmares, agitation and stress. These are important symptoms that should not be ignored. If they are ignored, they can lead to an increasingly unhealthy lifestyle and possibly dangerous decisions.

The most important first step is to realize that it is alright to seek out help. Talking about it with someone who does not have training may seem helpful at first, but the risk of retraumatization is very high. Be sure to find an experienced therapist to help. Visit: for more information.

Seeking out counseling can also help prevent Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD occurs to more than just soldiers on a battlefield. Every year in the United States, 3.5 percent of the population will experience a PTSD episode, 35 percent of those episodes can be classified as severe. Women develop PTSD more often than men they are more often the victims of domestic violence or rape.

PTSD can have dangerous long lasting consequences. By seeking counseling early, it is possible to mitigate or prevent the development of PTSD. People who seek out help through counseling, also better prepare themselves should they face a future traumatic experience. Seeking out help is a important step towards recovery and should never be overlooked. A licensed trauma specialist can help put you on the road to recovery without making you a victim of retraumatization.