Qualifying as an Executer

If somone you knew has passed on and appointed you as the executor of the estate there are a few things you need to do to become the executor. Once the will is admitted to probate and the court will appoint an executor of the estate. To qualify as an executor you will be required to post a corporate surety bond equal to the value of the liquid assets of the estate. You must also take the executor’s Oath. Many professionally drafted Wills waive the bond requirement for the executor of the estate.

The oath requires you to “well and truly” perform all of the duties of the executor of the estate. This oath must be made in front of a notary public or the court clerk.

Once the bond and oath are filed, the court clerk will issue “Letters Testamentary” to the court-appointed executor. These Letters Testamentary are the keys to unlocking the decedent’s financial accounts as they allow the executor to conduct all business on behalf of the estate.