Nursing Home Abuse


When you have a family member that has to move into a nursing home for better care, the last thing you would expect is a situation where abuse is occurring.  The whole point of these facilities is to care for individuals who, otherwise, could not adequately care for themselves. That is why we become so angry when we read about a nursing home where abuse and neglect have been occurring to the residents.

Frequently these cases involve both physical and psychological abuse. And, if you think that this is limited to a few irresponsible nursing homes, think again. According to a congressional report almost 1/3 of all nursing homes have been citied for abuse.  These cases have involved punching the patients, breaking arms, choking,  and even rape. Recent research has discovered that 380 sex offenders live in nursing homes. The real tragedy is that some of the instances have resulted in death.

It has also been reported that the majority of abuse incidents go unreported due to fear of reprisal.  These nursing homes continue in a “business as usual,” stance. If we want to put an end to these atrocities we will have to make sure these nursing homes are held accountable for these abuses. Keeping this in mind if you or a relative have been abused in a nursing home you should immediately contact a lawyer to determine your rights. Do not let fear make a decision for you.