Nursing Homes that Abuse Their Patients

Having a loved one in a nursing home can be an emotional experience for the whole family. Loved ones need proper care and attention by their attendants, nursing staff and all concerned with their well-being.

Family members and friends should learn the signs of neglect and abuse that may be happening to the patient. When an elderly patient is being neglected, they may be showing signs of dehydration, malnutrition, bedsores, weight loss, or poor personal cleaning habits. If the patient takes a fall, the situation should be looked into as to why and how the patient fell and where was the attendant. If the patient starts sucking on fingers or a thumb, rocking with no sense of awareness or starts biting for no reason, these are all signs of elderly abuse.

When a family member suspects that their loved one is not being cared for properly, action should be taken on their behalf. Nursing homes should be held accountable for the abuse to elders while in their care. An attorney that deals with nursing home abuse cases should be consulted if the patient has unexplained broken bones, cuts, burns, severe bed sores, open wounds or seems to be over medicated.

Personal injury lawyers can file lawsuits have been brought against nursing homes for improperly restraining an elderly patient, isolation from family and friends, verbal threats, mental and emotional abuse, shoving, hitting or pushing a patient and even some cases of rape or sexual assault.

Tricking a patient into signing a legal document or contract is also a form of abuse to the elderly. No one should be forced into signing anything until he or she has a full understanding of what the content requests. Abuse of the elderly is due to understaffing and unqualified personnel. Lawsuits can be filed against the nursing home and anyone involved in the abuse of the patient.