Mesothelioma Lawsuits

When you read this startling statement you might consider reading it again after saying: “Wait a minute; that can’t be right; but it is. Mesothelioma lawsuits lay claim to settlements, in terms of court verdicts, of over $200 Billion. (That’s a B) Not “chump-change” by any stretch. Ergo, these legal settlements have provided just compensation for loved ones and families who were, and still are, victims of mesothelioma. Just in the state of California, the bucks rolled out in settlements to the tune of more than $250 million in settlement claims adjudicated in their favor.

In case you missed the latest memo you should know that $30 Billion (Another B) has been set aside by asbestos manufactures to pay workers diagnosed with this dreaded disease which was proven to be the cause of lung cancer and other asbestos related diseases. If you’re part of any group that’s getting the “run-around” in terms of treatment, you should seek legal advice and guidance pronto, to see if you qualify to get onboard the Asbestos Trust Funds money train. Forms and complete information is available via the law firm of your choice. But you should remember that time is of the essence since claims are paid on a “first come-first served” basis.

If you have been or currently are working in an asbestos related job, you need to be cognizant of the dangers of breathing asbestos dust eight hours a day. It would be wise to investigate the symptoms, contact your doctor, then, if you have a positive diagnoses, contact an attorney who specializes in mesothelioma legal actions such as Mitchell Sexner in Chicago. If you’re a victim, you won’t get paid if you don’t file a lawsuit. And for that you need an experienced legal partner. It’s your health at stake, and it’s better late than never.