Common Questions associated with Personal Injury Law

What do most lawyers charge for taking on a case?

Legal fees of a lawyer can vary from state to state.

What are case costs?

Case cost include filing fees for the lawsuit, paying court reporters for legal depositions, and paying experts for their testimony.

How much is my case worth?

The “value” of your case depends on many factors, such as the extent of your injury, the amount of your medical bills, and your condition after you have finished treating. The calculation also involves the ability of the other party to pay a judgment, and whether you played any role in causing the accident.

What is the chance for success with my lawsuit?

There are many factors that determine the success you will have with your lawsuit. You should discuss this with your Lawyer.

I think I should handle my case my self, should I do it?

Our lawyers offer a free consultation. So you have nothing to lose by talking to one. Law is very complicated and to try to proceed with your case with a Lawyer could cost you $1000’s.